Camping Details

We’re camping this weekend!! If you didn’t sign up on Tuesday and plan to attend, please contact Mr. Mick ASAP – call or text to 509-710-0986 or email at

Friday departure is at 5:00pm from the church. We’ll carpool and leave shortly after 5:00pm. Saturday departure is 8:00am from the church.

Please download and print the driving instructions.

The boys will be doing trail work, so please plan clothing appropriately. Work gloves and rain gear would be appropriate.

Cooking Merit Badge
Dear Cooking Merit Badge Scouts,

Please try your best to attend the camp out this weekend to do the camp cooking part of the cooking merit badge. If you have any questions in what you need to do for this, please refer to complete details below. Camp cooking. Do the following:

  1. Plan 5 meals for your patrol for a camping trip. Your menus should include enough food for each person, and must include at least one breakfast, one lunch, one dinner, AND at least one snack OR one dessert. List the equipment and utensils needed to prepare and serve these meals.
  2. Create a shopping list for your meals showing the amount of food needed to prepare and serve each meal, and the cost for each meal.
  3. Share and discuss your meal plan and shopping list with your counselor.
  4. In the outdoors, cook and serve to your patrol, 3 of the 5 meals you planned. Two of the meals must be cooked using either a lightweight stove or a low-impact fire. The third meal must be cooked using either a Dutch oven OR a foil pack OR kabobs. Use a different cooking method for each meal (e.g. pan fry, boil, sauté, grill, foil, bake)
  5. In the outdoors, prepare a dessert OR a snack and serve it to your patrol or a group of youth.**
  6. After each meal, have those you served evaluate the meal on presentation and taste, and then evaluate your own meal. Discuss what you learned with your counselor, including any adjustments that could have improved or enhanced your meals. Tell how planning and preparation help ensure successful outdoor cooking.
  7. Explain to your counselor how you cleaned the equipment, utensils, and the cooking site thoroughly after each meal. Explain how you properly disposed of dishwater and of all garbage.
  8. Discuss how you followed the Outdoor Code and no-trace principles when preparing your meals.

Summer Camp
We’re rapidly approaching the last opportunity to sign up for camp. If you haven’t done so, please let me know via email or at the next meeting. A full payment of $310 is due also.

Swimming Merit Badge
We’ll be offering the Swimming merit badge later this month. This is an Eagle required badge and something we offer every year. If your son does not have it, we’d encourage you to have him participate. There will be one classroom session on 04/23 at 6:00pm and a pool session on Sunday 04/28 at 3:00pm. Full details will be distributed as it gets closer.

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