IN PERSON MEETINGS ARE COMING!!! Hamblen Presbyterian is preparing to return to in-person services, and we are engaged in a discussion regarding when we can begin our meetings. The leadership is going to meet soon to discuss protocols. for these meetings. STAY TUNED!!!! CAMPING - Mr Mick is planning a camp out in late March.... Continue Reading →


DO A GOOD TURN THIS WEEK AND TELL EVERYONE IN YOUR LIFE HOW MUCH YOU LOVE THEM AND APPRECIATE THEM! SUMMER CAMP - As you know, we are scheduled to go to Camp Bonaparte the week of July 18. We are now fully registered. The price is $320. I can start taking payments from you... Continue Reading →


PLEASE CONGRATULATE BEN KAPAUN WHO ACHIEVED 1ST CLASS !!! WAY TO GET THINGS DONE! THANK YOU to everyone who has signed up to help with meals for the Barkstroms. There are still a few slots open! You can also donate money, which is used to buy gift cards to local restaurants who are struggling to... Continue Reading →

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