SCOUTING IS BACK!!! ALUMINUM CANS - I want to keep this Activity going. It provides a substantial amount of revenue for the troop which helps keep our dues low. I am hoping that a lot of you have been collecting cans since we stop seeing each other in March. If you have cans that you’ve... Continue Reading →


This year we as a Troop have decided to ask all parents to take the Youth Protection Training. This training is about an hour long, but we feel very strongly that this education protects all scouting parents and protects the kids under our care. Since the training is an online course, we recommend taking this... Continue Reading →


SCOUTING FAMILIES! We have so much to tell you! As with regular school, things will be different this fall and winter; however, we are going to have regular weekly meetings, on-demand video lessons, merit badge classes, camping, scoutmaster conferences/boards of review and a COURT OF HONOR!!!! Your scout will have ample opportunities to continue to... Continue Reading →

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