Meal for Barkstroms

Troop313 family. Over the last couple of months I’ve had multiple inquiries into how the troop can help the Barkstrom family after the loss of Andrea. At this time we have organized a Meal Train which will help Tyler take care of dinner a couple days a week. This is a great opportunity for your... Continue Reading →

Movin’ right along…

A little Throwback Thursday. TROOP! So many of you are using this time to get things done and we are so proud of you!!! We have new Eagle Scouts, several rank advancements in just the last few weeks and merit badges being completed at home! WELL DONE! You wont regret it. BOARD OF REVIEW -... Continue Reading →

Note about communications

During this time when we are not having in person meetings, a lot of scouts are getting their rank advancement checked off and merit badge completions done via telephone, ZOOM, text, or email. Many parents are having their scouts take the lead in sending emails or text messages to scout leadership to get these things... Continue Reading →

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