Patrol Review

Breaking out into groups gives Scouts a chance to plan and get organized. This is the time when patrols can plan their involvement in upcoming troop activities, select menus for hikes and campouts, assign patrol members to specific tasks, and work out any other details for the smooth operation of the patrol.

During this time, there will be an agenda that the Patrol Leader will work through. This “Patrol Review” worksheet will need to be turned in and points will be awarded. Three areas will be covered:

  • Skill Instruction Review – a question to verify that the skill just taught was learned
  • Skill Challenge Review & Prep – prepare for the challenge that comes next
  • Camping/Event Review – a specific question about an upcoming event or camping trip

Patrol Leaders will lead all activities with adult observing to help where needed. Adults will be needed to OBSERVE and ENCOURAGE boys to stay on task and get their work completed.

This block will end no later than 8:00pm with the Patrol Review worksheet due to the ASPL by 7:59pm for complete credit.

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