Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony officially signals the start of a troop meeting. As in all Scouting ceremonies, it can be very simple or more complex. Troop 313 starts each meeting off with a presentation of the US Flag along with repeating the Pledge of Allegiance. The recitation of the Scout Oath and Law follow the pledge.

The Service Patrol for each month is tasked with opening the troop meeting. Three patrol members are required:

  • “The Caller”
  • Two flag carriers

The Service Patrol should prepare for their month of opening ceremony. The presentation should be professional (the caller should have the script memorized) and respectful.

The meeting will start at 7:01pm, so the Service Patrol needs to be at the church early and ready for when the SPL starts the meeting. Points can be lost for a Service Patrol that isn’t ready on time!

Download “Opening Ceremony” Script

The last part of the Opening Ceremony is the inspection item. The Scout uniform is an important part of the Scouting program. An inspection can happen at any time. It will not happen every week so it is vital to be prepared weekly. Once an inspection is announced, the Patrol Leader for each Patrol will inspect his Scouts. They will then report back to the SPL. This will be part of the challenge at the end of the meeting.

Inspection items are:

  • Scout shirt; tucked in and with all patches sewed on
  • Neckerchief
  • Scout belt
  • Scout Handbook
  • Pen or Pencil

Inspection instructions.

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