Group Instruction

The first core block is Group Instruction. After the opening, the Pinetree Patrol will be released to begin working on their first year program. The rest of the boys will assemble at the front of the room for a specific skill instruction.

The Skills Instruction portion of a troop meeting can feature topics that are theme-related, rank-related, merit badge-related, or readiness-related, as in preparing for a special activity, project, or event. Content for this block is provided to an adult who will shape it into a 10 minute presentation.

The last five minutes of the block will be used to introduce a Skill Challenge. This will be a game or group challenge that puts Patrols against each other. It will revolve around the skill just taught. In some cases, there will be an obvious winner and in other cases, we’ll need judges to determine the winner.

Below are possible group instruction topics. The mix of topics—outdoor, sports, health and safety, citizenship and personal development, STEM, and arts and hobbies—provide the kind of variety, adventure, and increasing challenge every unit needs to keep members coming back while also facilitating advancement. We will probably not use all of these, but they are at our disposal.

This block will end no later than 7:35pm.

Outdoor Program Features

Health and Safety Program Features

Citizenship and Personal Development Program Features

STEM Program Features

Sports Program Features

Arts and Hobbies Program Features

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