Introductions and remarks by the Senior Patrol Leader can appropriately follow the opening ceremony. This is an opportunity for the Senior Patrol Leader to share information with the troop regarding:

  • What to expect during the meeting
    • Program Skill
    • Game/Challenge
  • Individual Advancement Recognition
    • Recognize individuals
    • Hand out badges

Important reminders and appropriate announcements can be given or repeated during the closing, at the end of the meeting. Generally speaking, all announcements should be brief, well-paced, and to the point.

Scoutmaster Announcements

Following Senior Patrol Leader announcements, the Scoutmaster is invited to the front of the room. He will take a moment to review:

  • Details about upcoming events
  • Details about the month’s camping trip
  • Other events that the Troop is participating in

Also during this time, the Scoutmaster may use this time for the Scoutmaster’s Minute. It’s an occasion that leaves the Scouts with something of value to think about—something they can reflect upon and take with them as they return home after the meeting.

The first two blocks should be done no later than 7:20pm.

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