Advancement, Training & Planning

Three areas that currently exist will change once this new structure is put in place.

Advancement Night
We will still hold to three troop meetings a month with an Advancement Night on the final Tuesday. Because there will not be time for Scoutmaster Conferences or Board of Reviews during the new Troop meeting structure, this Advancement Night will be important. Boys will be required to plan and schedule with the Scoutmaster and Committee Chair in advance.

Advancement will be part of the point system so Patrol Leaders will want to emphasis it during meetings and trips.

Youth Leadership Training
After leadership is elected each term, a Youth Leadership Training session will happen. At first, this will be used to layout how structure works. As boys become familar with it, we will incorporate more leadership training to help prepare youth for their role.

A large block of points will be awarded to Patrol Leaders and Assistant Patrol Leaders who attend this introductory training. It’s a good way to get your Patrol off to a good start.

Patrol Leader Council
This monthly meeting becomes a vital part of our monthly planning. We can focus on specifics and layout what the boys should be expecting over the next month.

Monthly points will be awarded for each patrol that has a representative at the meeting taking notes.

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