Camping Directions

Trapper Creek CampoutDownload driving directions to the trailhead. Trail is #302 Upper Priest Lake Trail, aka Trapper Creek Trail. It’s 4 mile hike into campsite from trailhead. Description from the Priest Lake Trail booklet “This trail offers a pleasant, easy hike to Upper Priest Lake. The first 4 miles of the trail are in timber... Continue Reading →

Summer Details

There are some bullet points about summer activities that need to be highlighted. Please let us know if you have questions: Can Recycling: Please remember that you SHOULD NOT drop cans at Bob's house anymore. Instead, contact him to setup a time/location to drop them off. We are still taking them as a fundraiser, but... Continue Reading →

Summer Camp Meeting

On Tuesday (05/14), we'll hold a Summer Camp meeting for parents. Please make sure that at least one parent per family attending is available. We'll meet at 6:00pm in the Skylight Room (where Mr. Davis meets with the first year Scouts). We'll cover all the details you need to know about summer camp and hopefully... Continue Reading →

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