Troop Dues
How much is the cost for each boy? This is calculated as part of our annual budget process. The cost per boy is approximately $120 for the scouting year (this might change on an annual basis depending on our fall registration). This is the amount that each family must contribute per boy through fundraiser and/or direct payment.

Boys Life Magazine
A subscription to Boys’ Life magazine can be purchased when your boy registers each year. The cost is $12 for the entire year (as of 2014). The magazine covers a variety of subjects that are Boy Scout related. For more information, check out the Boys’ Life website.

Camping Fees
Each scout must provide food or a few dollars for his patrol meals on each camp out. Each camp out is different, so make sure to ask your boy about specifics.

Summer Activities
Each summer, the troop participates in two activities. Summer camp is available for all scouts and encouraged for the first several years of your boys participation. Cost generally is around $300. Specifics will be announced at the beginning of the year and a three month payment plan is setup to help pay these costs. An initial non-refundable deposit may be required to reserve a spot for your son (this is a council requirement, not a troop one).

The other activity held during the summer is High Adventure. This is open to scouts First Class and higher. The costs vary each year depending on the trip. For details this summer’s High Adventure, see the Troop Calendar.

Fund Raising
For many years, the troop has participated in the popcorn sale during October and run a Christmas tree recycling drive during late December and early January. In 2005, the troop decided to change our philosophy regarding funding our program. In the past, each scout paid annual dues that covered a small portion of the expenses and the remainder of the cost of operating the troop was generated by the troop as a whole through fundraiser. Boys were encouraged to participate in fundraiser, but there was no attempt to ensure the equity of each boy’s contribution. In 2005 we moved to a system where we hold each scout’s family accountable for paying their share of the program.

How can my son earn his share of expenses? The Boys Scouts of America encourages every boy to pay his own way. This troop supports that philosophy. Currently, we provide two fundraiser options: the popcorn sale and huckleberry picking.

How will my son get credit for his own efforts? In the past, proceeds from fundraiser have gone into the troop “general fund.” Scouts received equal benefit from this fund no matter how much (or how little) effort they put into fundraiser. We now track how much each boy earns and apply that contribution to his obligation to the troop. Any extra he has earned will be available to spend on summer camp and other troop activities.

What if my son doesn’t sell enough popcorn or earn enough from the huckleberry picking? In that case, the family will pay a pro-rated amount to bring the scout’s contribution up to the designated level (approximately $120). Consideration will be given to families for whom this would be a financial hardship and who are unable to participate in fundraisers for valid reasons.

How can I help? You should encourage your boy to actively participate in fundraiser so he can achieve the pride of paying his own way not only for troop operating expenses but for camp. It’s much better for him to expend the effort to earn the money than for you to simply write a check.

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