High Adventure Bike Training Ride #2

Join us on Saturday, 27 May at 1pm for a 10 mile bike ride on beginning on the Centennial Trail.  This will be a good second ride for the High Adventure KVR trip this summer and will go towards the Cycling MB as well.  Of course, everyone is welcome even if you are unable to make the KVR trip.  We will go rain or shine.  It should be less than 2.5 hrs total.  We will rendezvous at the Morin Trailhead of the Centennial Trail.  This is downstream of downtown on the south side of the river.  You basically drive N Government Way to its end.  It diverges right onto a smaller road (named Riverside Park on Google Maps, or W. Aubrey L Wright Parkway previously) just as the main road swings west after Fort George Wright.  There is a sign (I believe) for the Equestrian Center at the turn off.  We will pedal north up past the old CCC camp and may cross over to the north side of the river for the ride back.  But the ride will return to the Morin Trailhead.  The terrain is mostly flat and the Centennial trail is paved.  We will go off the paved trail on some dirt roads and easy single track.  There are a couple of hills as well to help push us just a bit.  A basic Mtn bike would be best.  If you are a KVR High Adventure participant, please ride the bike you plan to take on the trip if at all possible.  I will have a sign up sheet at the Tuesday meeting as I would like to know who to expect.  Questions to hbvanderpool@gmail.com

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