Troop 313 Important Information!!

CAMPOUT THIS WEEKEND CANCELED due to lack of interest amongst Scouts.


Next Tuesday, 5/23, we will hold a mandatory Summer Camp Parents’ Meeting at Hamblen at 7pm.  If your Scout is attending camp, you must attend.  Final camp payment ($424) and medical paperwork is due at that time.  Please remember to include a copy of the front and back of your Scout’s insurance card.  The medical forms are attached to this email for your convenience.

Mr. Mick has asked that we have another adult or two attend Summer Camp.  Please consider this if your Scout is attending.  Even staying a few days on either end would be very helpful.  The cost for adults is $269 and you also need to complete the medical paperwork.  Parents, your presence would be a big help to our Troop, so please disregard your scout’s request that they stay home. Summer camp is fun for adults too!

The Meriweather website mentions troops coming from outside the Pacific Council (that would include Troop 313) are allowed to arrive on Saturday up to 7pm.  Since the drive from Spokane is approximately 8 hours we can make it to camp on July 1 without having to stop along the way to camp.

Click here for more Camp Meriweather Information from their website. And click here for even more detailed information for daily schedules, etc.

There is a Meriweather Webinar on May 21st at 7pm.  The zoom link is

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