Summer Camp

Summer Camp at Camp Meriwether will be here before we know it! Please continue to get your medical forms (attached here for your convenience) filled out and turn in a copy of the front/back of your Scout’s insurance card. Forms A,B, and C will need to be filled out for the high adventure camp as well so we recommend all scouts turn these in.

The total cost per Scout to attend camp is $524. Your balance is due by the meeting on Tuesday, May 30th. Please bring a check made out to Troop 313. If you want to make payments at meetings leading up to the 5/30, you may.

Camp Meriwether handles merit badges differently than our previous summer camps. You simply show up at the merit badge on Monday to be in the course, with the exception of 2 badges: Metalworking and Climbing.

For these merit badges, Scouts will sign up after Sunday dinner and the instructors for those classes will conduct a lottery. They will post the final list of those who made it into the class on a bulletin board in the Scoutmaster Hallway by Monday breakfast.

There is no sign-up for these prior to arriving at camp. If your group is arriving after Sunday dinner or is delayed, please contact the camp no earlier than a week before you arrive and we will work out a reasonable accommodation.

Attached is a schedule of what is being offered at camp if you want to try and plan ahead. 

Stay tuned for the Summer Camp Parents Meeting date and further information about our caravan for departure. 

Questions about camp? Talk to Megan Kapaun or Mr. Mick at a Tuesday meeting. 

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