High Adventure Bike Training Ride

Join us on 23 April at 1pm for a 10 mile easy bike ride on the paved Centennial Trail.  This should be a good warmup for anyone after winter.  It is the first training ride for the High Adventure KVR trip this summer and will go towards the Cycling MB as well.  Of course, everyone is welcome even if you are unable to make the KVR trip.  We will go rain or shine.  It should be less than 2 hrs total and possibly closer to 1 hour depending on how many participate.  We will rendezvous in Millwood at the  Maringo Drive Park just on the north side of the river and 1/2 mile east of Argonne Rd.  It is the first right turn after crossing the river.  The parking lot is down at the end of the road.  We will pedal east and past Mirabeau Park and under Sullivan St.  We will turn around about 1/2 mile past Sullivan and return to the starting point.  The terrain is all flat and the trail is paved.  Either road or Mtn bike would be fine.  I will have a sign up sheet at the next few meetings as I would like to know who to expect.  Questions to hbvanderpool@gmail.com

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