Troop 313 Weekly Update

Last week’s Court of Honor was a hit! Thank you all who attended. If you couldn’t make it, there were many awards given, several Eagle Scouts recognized, and new scouts introduced. Please make note that the high adventure camp this year is planned as a long bike ride in Canada, ending up in Penticton.

Some of our Scouts are at N-Sid-Sen this weekend with some local Webelos. Ask them how it went at our meeting this coming Tuesday.

This week the regular meeting is at 7 pm on Tuesday.

We also have a Patrol Leader Council starting at 6 pm right before the Tuesday meeting. Please be sure the Patrol Leaders are in attendance. Bob and Harold are encouraging more leadership opportunities at the Patrol level!

Lastly, we need to be thinking about Summer Camp. Summer Camp this year is at Camp Meriwether on the Oregon Coast from July 2-8th.  On Tuesday evening at our meeting, we will have a sheet to sign up for camp. Please sign up and bring a $100 deposit check made out to Troop 313 if you plan on attending this year.  The cost for youth to attend camp this year is listed as $524, while the cost per adult is $269 (please note the camp indicates this could change slightly, though I can’t imagine it would change much).  The $100 deposit for all Scouts is due no later than February 28th.  Follow the link to see what Camp Merriweather is all about.

Attached is the required medical form for you to fill out. Fill out Part A,B, and C.  Remember that it includes a health physical (Part C) to be completed by your child’s doctor.  Please return the medical form and a copy of the front and back of your child’s medical insurance card as soon as possible and bring to the meeting.

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