Camping Directions

Trapper Creek Campout
Download driving directions to the trailhead.

Trail is #302 Upper Priest Lake Trail, aka Trapper Creek Trail. It’s 4 mile hike into campsite from trailhead. Description from the Priest Lake Trail booklet “This trail offers a pleasant, easy hike to Upper Priest Lake. The first 4 miles of the trail are in timber cover until you reach the lake where it then opens up and follows the shoreline until reaching Trapper Creek Campground. ” Mr. Mick will be there early so look for his setup. Trail is very straightforward – no turnoffs to get lost along the way.

No potable water, there are pit toilets. Looks like fires are allowed based on the Idaho Department of Lands website. No adult meals on this campout.

Merit Badge Clinic
A merit badge clinic will be offered on October 22nd & November 5th. Badge options include First Aid, Personal Fitness, Citizenship in the Nation, Healthcare, Pulp & Paper, Citizenship in the Society & Fingerprinting. Seats are limited and first come, first serve. For more details visit

Adult Leadership
We need a new advancement coordinator in January. Brad Schwartz has done an excellent job organizing and tracking the merit badges and rank advancement, but he needs to step away. We would love someone to volunteer now so Brad can train you before he leaves in January. This is one of the jobs in the troop that needs pretty regular attendance at meetings Please let Christell or Bob know if you can serve the troop in this way!

2023 dues: Although dues at the national level have steadily been increasing, due to our fundraising efforts, especially the can collection, we have been able to keep out troop dues the same for years. However, this year, we have decided we need to increase by just a bit to offset the costs. Dues this year will be $130. We will start collecting for that in October. Please let us know if your family needs assistance. WE WANT ALL SCOUTS TO BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE REGARDLESS OF FINANCIAL SITUATION.


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