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ADULT LEADERSHIP – We need a new advancement coordinator in January. Brad Schwartz has done an excellent job organizing and tracking the merit badges and rank advancement, but he needs to step away. We would love someone to volunteer now so Brad can train you before he leaves in January. This is one of the jobs in the troop that needs pretty regular attendance at meetings Please let Christell or Bob know if you can serve the troop in this way!

OCTOBER CAMPOUT 14-16 – Please consult the backpack checklist for anyone who’s attending that didn’t make the meeting Tuesday where we went through it with the Scouts. First-time backpackers need to bring their packed backpacks to Tuesday’s meeting for pack inspection and fit adjustments.

Driving directions will be provided next week.  Trail is #302 Upper Priest Lake Trail, aka Trapper Creek Trail. It’s 4 mile hike into campsite from trailhead. Description from the Priest Lake Trail booklet “This trail offers a pleasant, easy hike to Upper Priest Lake. The first 4 miles of the trail are in timber cover until you reach the lake where it then opens up and follows the shoreline until reaching Trapper Creek Campground. ” Mr. Mick will be there early so look for his setup.  Trail is very straightforward – no turnoffs to get lost along the way. 

No potable water, there are pit toilets. Looks like fires are allowed based on the Idaho Department of Lands web site.

Friday departures are on your own. Any Scout who needs a ride should flag that on the signup sheet at Tuesday’s meeting and we’ll meet Saturday morning at the church at 8:00 am to pick them up. 

No adult meals on this campout. Any adult who needs Mr. Mick to carry their gear has to bring it to Tuesday’s meeting. 

New Eagle Scout Required Merit Badge Citizenship in Society – Session 2 is at 6 PM Tuesday, October 25. The scouts should be completing elements 7 and 8 at home before this meeting.

RECHARTER– 2023 dues: Although dues at the national level have steadily been increasing, due to our fundraising efforts, especially the can collection, we have been able to keep out troop dues the same for years. However, this year, we have decided we need to increase by just a bit to offset the costs. Dues this year will be $130. We will start collecting for that in October. Please let us know if your family needs assistance. WE WANT ALL SCOUTS TO BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE REGARDLESS OF FINANCIAL SITUATION.


N-Sid-Sen Camp and Conference Center (www.n-sid-sen.org) we are hosting an Action Camp, free to all ages.  We will be re-routing hiking trails, pressure washing buildings, building a shelter at a Lookout point, and so much more.  Please come enjoy some hard work, community projects, and soul food with Friends of N-Sid-Sen Sept. 29th-Oct. 2nd, starting at 4pm Thurs. and ending at 11am Sun.

Register Online at this link for lodging, dietary needs, and health forms.  Covid Vaccines are required for this event.  Volunteer/Service hours will be recorded for project participation.  You can stay for a day, a few hours, or all weekend.  Action Camp is a project-based camp, with lots of projects to wrap up for fall.  Work gloves, outdoor clothing, and appropriate shoes are recommended as well as a hat, water bottle, and your favorite work tools.  All are Welcome!

Action Camp Registration Link: https://www.ultracamp.com/info/sessiondetail.aspx?idCamp=367&campCode=nss&idSession=369747

Citizenship in the Community begins November 1

Keep saving and bringing your cans!

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