CAMPOUT DIRECTIONS and upcoming events

CANYON CREEK CAMPOUT- Attached below are the directions. Have a great time everyone!

First Patrol Leader Council is September 20 at 6:15 PM

Advancement Night is September 20, 7 PM. No regular troop meeting, all senior leadership required.

Fall Court of Honor September 27, Set up 6, Start of Meal 6:30 PM. We will have our normal potluck style event!!! I realize that there are many families that have not experienced this. Courts of Honor Pre-COVID were a potluck meal we all share, and then we have our awards handed out. So here is how we break this down:

Last names M- Z: Bring a Main Dish and Side to share. Last Names A-L: Bring A Dessert and a Side to share. Each family bring you own plates, utensils and beverages.

We also use this time to bless the church that hosts us. There will be a basket at the head of the food table that we call “Dime-A-Dip”. Any cash contributions that are put into the basket are donated to Hamblen Presbyterian. We are SO excited to bring back this favorite tradition!!!

NEW EAGLE REQUIRED MERIT BADGE– Citizenship in Society begins October 4

Citizenship in the Community begins November 1

Keep saving and bringing your cans!

ADULT LEADERSHIP – We need a new advancement coordinator in January. Brad Schwartz has done an excellent job organizing and tracking the merit badges and rank advancement, but he needs to step away. We would love someone to volunteer now so Brad can train you before he leaves in January. This is one of the jobs in the troop that needs pretty regular attendance at meetings Please let Christell know if you can serve the troop in this way!

RECHARTER– 2023 dues: Although dues at the national level have steadily been increasing, due to our fundraising efforts, especially the can collection, we have been able to keep out troop dues the same for years. However, this year, we have decided we need to increase by just a bit to offset the costs. Dues this year will be $130. We will start collecting for that in October. Please let us know if your family needs assistance. WE WANT ALL SCOUTS TO BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE REGARDLESS OF FINANCIAL SITUATION.


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