Update from Easton

We have recently become aware there have been changes to the IOLS program and our BSA Lifeguard certification class. Due to these changes, we no longer have the required amount of time available to offer these classes.

Unfortunately, our forge is not up and running so we will not be able to offer traditional blacksmithing during our open free time this year.

Handicraft this year will be following our self-paced model. This is not a structured class time but instead a time to come to our Handicraft location to work on the merit badge requirements. We encourage leaders to join and help those that may need a little extra help that our limited staff may not be able to offer.

The Paddle craft safety course which currently has 2 scheduled times needs to be reduced to a single class during the afternoon block.

We have added a fancy Friday theme to our Friday program to snazz up the end of the week. Fancy Fridays includes fancying up your daily attire with bow ties, suspenders or any other fancy embellishment you can think of.

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