Thank you to those who came to our meeting last week. Here are some updates:

  1. MEDICAL FORMS – all kids and adults spending nights at camp need to submit health forms and ins information . If we don’t have yours, you got an email from me over the weekend.
  2. We will be meeting at Hamblen ELEMENTARY at 11 am on Sunday. We will take roll to make sure everyone is accounted for and we have to do a prescreening.
  3. You are responsible for making sure your scout gets to camp. We have one scout who needs a ride home on Friday if anyone has room.
  4. Attached is the Leaders Guide for Easton which has the packing list and lots of other information, including the driving directions and the campsite location, and mailing address. Bring Class A’s and NO OPEN-TOED SHOES, except for use in the shower.
  5. Please have them bring masks just in case.
  6. MAKE SURE THE SCOUTS BRING ELECTROLYTES, not just water. Dehydration is a real issue and plain water is not enough.
  7. Make sure you send cash with your scout to pay for class fees and for snacks.
  8. Phone numbers if you need us- Bob Mick 509-710-0986. Christell Casey 509-279-3064

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