PLEASE COME AND CELEBRATE THE ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF OUR KIDS TONIGHT at 6:30. We need some scouts to arrive early at 6 PM to set up tables. Senior leadership, please arrive in time to help and talk with Ms. Casey about how this is done.

We will have our normal potluck style event!!! I realize that there are many families that have not experienced this. Courts of Honor Pre-COVID were a potluck meal we all share, and then we have our awards handed out. So here is how we break this down:

Last names A- L: Bring a Main Dish and Side to share. Last Names M-Z: Bring A Dessert and a Side to share. Each family brings own plates, utensils and beverages.

We also use this time to bless the church that hosts us. There will be a basket at the head of the food table that we call “Dime-A-Dip”. Any cash contributions that are put into the basket are donated to Hamblen Presbyterian. We are SO excited to bring back this favorite tradition!!!

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