Camp Details

Camping Trip
We have two different ways to get to Lambi Creek depending on when you arrive – please download the directions from the links below. Also, please note that Patrols will be eating on their own. Adults may eat with Mr. Mick for $10 per meal. Meals provided are Saturday & Sunday breakfast and Saturday dinner. Please bring your own eating utensils (fork, spoon, knife, plate, bowl & cup), plus any special coffee creamer you need. Lambi Creek has no potable water or electrical hookups, but does have a vault toilet.

  • Friday (no dam crossing); approximately 2 hours
  • Saturday (dam crossing included); approximately 1.5 hours

Citizenship in the Nation
The final classroom session for Citizenship in the Nation is Tuesday 03/22. Please have your Scout review requirement #2D and come prepared to discuss. We’ll use the final Tuesday in March (03/29) as a makeup session.

Please don’t forget to save your aluminum cans. Mr. Mick takes these to the recycler and will deposit all money back to the Troop. This extra money is used for everything we do to keep the troop running – i.e. camping fees, awards, Scout books, etc. By saving your cans, you are helping to keep annual dues at a low rate (we’ve not seen an increase in our annual dues for well over a decade, even though the cost to the troop has gone from $12 to over $70). Mr. Mick should be back to our Tuesday night meetings after Spring Break and you can leave your cans behind his car.

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