Advancement Night Tomorrow

Happy Monday everyone!

Advancement Night– Tomorrow is advancement night. It is the last chance to get things signed off before the Court of Honor next week. All senior leadership and troop guides are expected to attend to assist with younger scouts!

COURT OF HONOR– We still feel that the time is not quite right for our traditional pot luck meal, so we will be in the chapel again this year. 6:30 PM. Senior Leadership please come early to get flags set up.

SUMMER CAMP– As you know we are going to Camp Eaton this year. Price is $430. I would appreciate a deposit of $100 by March 1. Once we receive full payment your scout can register for classes. I REALLY do not want to use VENMO or PAYPAL. Please bring your money to the kitchen window starting March 1. Also, please try to schedule your BSA physical ASAP. It is really hard on us to scramble to track you all down the day before we leave for camp. We all have jobs and families etc and volunteer because we love our kids, and your kids. PLEASE make it easier on us by getting things on your end done early. THANK YOU! No information yet on COVID protocols, if any. More info to come.

ADULTS – If you plan to attend and stay a few nights, you will need a physical too.

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