December Meetings

MEETING- Regular troop meeting this coming Tuesday. 

LOST JACKET – Tuesday, November 30, some jackets got mixed up at the meeting. If your scout accidentally went home with a Mt Spokane Ski Race Team logo jacket by mistake, can you let me know so I can get it reunited with its owner? THANK YOU!

SUMMER CAMP – After much deliberation, we have decided that since we went out of council last year, we will stay close to home in 2022. We are going to Easton, the week of July 17. The cost is $430. I can take payment any time you want, but will officially being asking for deposits in February.

Photos – If you have photos of scout activities you want to upload, let me know and I can send you a link to a folder on Google Drive. We will try to include them in the slideshow for the January Court of Honor.

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