The Dry Falls Campout is set for this weekend, Mr Mick will not be there, so Mr Vanderpool and Ms Tylman are leading this trip. Here are the directions! Dress warm and BE PREPARED! It looks like it might be cold. Please check the website regularly for any updates for this weekend.

MEETING- we have a regular troop meeting this coming Tuesday. 

RECHARTERING – PLEASE PAT ASAP! It is that time of year again! We need to register our troop and all the scouts. DUES ARE $120.

I can start taking your payment of dues right away, as we have to be finished by December 1. If you sent me your dues either through Venmo or PayPal thank you so much. However, now that we’re able to meet in person I would prefer that dues be paid by check or cash at the meetings. Thank you for your understanding!

Adults Leaders – All Adult leaders please retake your Youth Protection if you have not done so in the last month or so. The local council requires it every year. You will have to have an account with my.scouting.org. Once you log in, there should be a MENU in the tope left hand corner, Click there and choose “My Training” You should see the link to Youth Protection Training there. Pro- Tip: Try t do this sooner rather than later. Once it gets closer to December 1, thousand are trying to get it done and the traffic on the site slows the video playback to infuriating levels, or buffers for six hours. If you want to teach merit badges, go to camp, or be a committee member, please do YPT, and then see me if you have not filled out an adult application. Fees for registered adults is $45.

Photos – If you have photos of scout activities you want to upload, let me know and. can send you a link to a folder on Google Drive. We will try to include them in the slideshow for the January Court of Honor.

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