MEETING- we have a regular troop meeting this coming Tuesday.

FIRST AID- Mr. Oberst will be beginning classes for the first aid merit badge at 6 PM this coming Tuesday.

RECHARTERING – It is that time of year again! We need to register our troop and all the scouts. The fees for scouting has increased again this year, The yearly national dues are now $72. We ask our scouts to pay $120. The extra is used to pay camp site fees (when applicable) merit badge patchesMr. Oberst will be beginning classes for the first aid merit badge at 6 PM this coming Tuesday., rank patches and pins, awards such as the STAR bolos, and the Buck knives for LIFE, and many other things. However, our troop has been stewarded so well by those who came before us, and we are supplemented by all of the aluminum cans that you all collect, that we are in really good financial shape. So, we are not going to raise the dues for this troop this year. Depending on what happens next year with the National and Local Councils, please be aware that we may have to revisit this for 2023.

I can start taking your payment of dues right away, as we have to be finished by December 1. If you sent me your dues either through Venmo or PayPal thank you so much. However, now that we’re able to meet in person I would prefer that dues be paid by check or cash at the meetings. Thank you for your understanding!

Adults Leaders – All Adult leaders please retake your Youth Protection if you have not done so in the last month or so. The local council requires it every year. You will have to have an account with my.scouting.org. Once you log in, there should be a MENU in the tope left hand corner, Click there and choose “My Training” You should see the link to Youth Protection Training there. Pro- Tip: Try t do this sooner rather than later. Once it gets closer to December 1, thousand are trying to get it done and the traffic on the site slows the video playback to infuriating levels, or buffers for six hours. If you want to teach merit badges, go to camp, or be a committee member, please do YPT, and then see me if you have not filled out an adult application. Fees for registered adults is $45.

SCOUTING FOR FOOD – Saturday November 6 is the “bag handout” This usually goes pretty quickly. Plan to meet at the church parking lot a 9:30 am. THIS IS A MANDATORY TROOP EVENT.

Our second week where we do the food pick up will be the very next Saturday, November 13. Meeting again at the church at 9:30 AM.

SUMMER CAMP – We are still debating possible locations. Please take this brief survey to let us know what is important to you so we can make the best choice. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/XHRMPLH

As for High Adventure, Bob has secured another source of boats, so we are contemplating a Missouri River trip, with the possibility of a side trip for gold panning. We are thinking second week of August. Scouts unaccompanied by a parent must be first class and have the swimming merit badge. This trip is open to all family members.

Summer Camp Medical Forms – If your scout went to Bonaparte, please come pick up the medical form in the kitchen windows at meetings if you want it. If not, I will securely shred them at the end of the year.

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