Court of Honor!

We are glad to be able to gather together to honor the accomplishments of our scouts over the last year! Both our boys and girls have worked hard under difficult circumstances and we are proud of all of them! Please join us for the Court of Honor this coming Tuesday. We are unable to have the buffet meal this time. SORRY! 😦 So, since there is no food involved, we will have our ceremony in the chapel of the church. Please join us!

UPCOMING MERIT BADGE CLASSES – The plan right now is to have Communications classes beginning October 5 at 6 PM. in the church. This is an Eagle required class, and is available to all scout ranks! We will also be offering First Aid, currently scheduled to being in November. This is also Eagle required. We are working on offering Sustainability after the winter break. Scouts can take Sustainability OR Environmental Science as an Eagle requirement.

CAMPING – We have our backpacking trip planned for the weekend of October 15. We want every scout who wants to go to have an opportunity, and not to be prevented for lack of equipment. We have access to loaners! Please let Mr. Mick know if you want to borrow some equipment and join the troop on this fantastic trip near Upper Priest. Stay tuned for more upcoming details.

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