HIGH ADVENTURE – We are so sorry to report that Bob has had his deployment extended, and so he will not be able to lead the High Adventure trip this summer. If there is another registered parent who is willing to take up the task, Bob will help with making arrangements etc. Please let me know of this is something you are interested in.

SUMMER CAMP – It was so good to see all of you at our meeting! I waited to send the summary and any updates until I received the updated COVID protocols from the camp. Please review.

HEALTH FORMS – Jen Oberst tell me that we still have alot of medical forms that are missing. I need Sections A, BV1, B2, C, and the front and back of the insurance card for the child. I also need the over the counter form, that gives the level of permission you are comfortable with for things like tylenol, etc. Jen is out of town for the week so email the forms to me,

We are planning to met at Hamblen Elementary at 10 AM to do a quick health prescreening. This will be a time to collect any forms, (BUT PLEASE GET THEM TO ME EARLY!) and to make sure everyone has a ride. There is no gear loading with Bob this year, so please plan to take up your own gear.

I am adding the class list here again it has the prices for some of the classes that need supplies.

The adult leaders at camp will have the list of the classes your scout singed up for in case they forgot πŸ™‚

Attached below is the Map, camp schedule and a list of what to pack and NOT pack πŸ™‚

There is no cell service at the camp, so for emergencies you will have to call the land line. 509-453-4795

I think that is all! Let me know of there are any questions!

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