Summer Camp

SUMMER CAMP – It is not too late to sign up. The price this year is $320.

VENMO – @Christell-Casey. PAY PAL – @christellcasey1

As soon as your scout is paid in full, I can register them for merit badges. Unfortunately, the Grand Columbia Council does not have a parent portal. So, you will have to send me the list of classes your scout want to take and I will sign them up. Bonaparte also has classes for Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class, so if your scout needs rank advancement after this crazy year, this might be a very good option for them. Here is a link to the class schedule:classes-2Download

Also, don’t forget you need a BSA Medical Examination. Here is the

Once you have it completed, please email them to Jen Oberst at

We will be having a Summer Camp Parents meeting on June 22 at the Shelter in the park at 6 PM.  Please bring something to write on and your own seating. There are some COVID guidelines that have been issued by the Camp. They are attached here for your review.

WE STILL NEED ADULTS TO ATTEND SUMMER CAMP AS CHAPERONES! ! Let me know right away if you can stay at camp all week, or even for a few nights. If you plan to go, you MUST have a current youth protection certificate. THANKS!

HIGH ADVENTURE – In addition to summer Camp, we are trying to get a high adventure organized for the second week of August. Stay tuned for more information on that!

EAGLE SCOUT PROJECTS – We have a lead for some projects. Jeff Lambert, the Executive Director of the Dishman Hills Conservatory has things that scouts can do. You can contact him at or 509-999-510

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