Week of May 17

We have an in person meeting tomorrow at 6 PM at the church. I need as many older scouts as possible to work with younger scouts on compass skills. THANKS!

SUMMER CAMP – It is not too late to sign up. The price this year is $320.

VENMO – @Christell-Casey. PAY PAL – @christellcasey1

As soon as your scout is paid in full, I can register them for merit badges. Unfortunately, the Grand Columbia Council does not have a parent portal. So, you will have to send me the list of classes your scout want to take and I will sign them up. Bonaparte also has classes for Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class, so if your scout needs rank advancement after this crazy year, this might be a very good option for them. Here is a link to the class schedule:classes-2Download

Also, don’t forget you need a BSA Medical Examination. Here is the form.

Once you have it completed, please email them to Jen Oberst at jkoberst@gmail.com

EAGLE SCOUT PROJECTS – We have a lead for some projects. Jeff Lambert, the Executive Director of the Dishman Hills Conservatory has things that scouts can do. You can contact him at ed@dishmanhills.org or 509-999-5100

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