We had a GREAT meeting this past Tuesday! It was so good to see so many of you!This coming Tuesday, we will be meeting at 6 PM at the shelter in Hamblen Park behind the elementary school again. We will be breaking onto small group to work on rank advancement, getting requirement signed off, etc. WE NEED OLDER SCOUTS TO ATTEND! They will be working with younger scouts!

Please wear your masks and bring a camp chair. Younger scouts- if you need to work on knots or compasses, first aid, etc, please bring the equipment you need. Can’t wait to see you!!! I also need a few adults for Boards Of Review.

AYDEN EAGLE SCOUT PROJECT – Ayden Franklin has constructed a Little Free Library for a new park. He is looking for book donations. All kinds, age groups, and genres are accepted. Please bring one of two books you can donate to neXt weeks meeting pLease!!! THANK YOU

In addition, Ayden is one of the top 12 finalists in the competition to select a new City of Spokane Flag. you can vote for his design here. To vote, all you need is a Spokane Public Library card—simply log in at the Spokane Public Library website, and you’ll see a link to vote.

Here is his design and a short description of his inspiration:

I designed this Flag for the People of Spokane and have a special meaning for Spokane and its people Past, Present and Future. The Sun means Children of the Sun in Salish, which is the Spokane Tribe’s native language. I put in a Blue and Green Chevron to represent the Spokane River in blue and the Ponderosa Pine Tree which is the Official City Tree in green, Blue and Green were also the Expo ‘74 Colors. The Lilac stripes represent what Spokane is known as “The Lilac City” and hosts the Spokane Lilac Festival and Armed Forces Torch Light Parade which celebrates Spokane Veterans Past, Present and Future and the Lilac Bloomday which is the Largest Timed foot race in the World. Overall, I designed this flag for the People of Spokane and Its rich history

CAMP-OUT!!! Also you should have received an email regarding sign up for our camp out in April. Look at the announcements on the troop website if you missed it. If you would like to attend you need to register.

Here’s the link for the sign up. https://troop313.net/2021/03/19/april-camp-out/

GREAT GUEST SPEAKERS – Carolyn Kushner with the girls troop has put together some great arrangements for some guest speakers in the coming months. The talks are targeted mostly to the Pinetrees, any scout (boy or girl) with an interest is welcome to join, especially if they’re interested in either the motorboating or weather merit badges or completing first class.

We are going to have two outside speakers giving presentations that any interested scout may join in the next couple months. The first will be from a representative from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) office in Spokane. This person will speak about weather and how their office helps keep the public informed. In particular, this session will cover First Class requirements 5b, c and d and will also likely provide information for the Weather merit badge too. This session will be on 4/27 and will be done via Zoom. 
The second session on boating safety will be given live on 5/25 by Deputy Ebel of the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Operations Team. It will cover First Class requirements 6b, c, d and e and likely other information that applies to the Motorboating merit badge. 
All scouts are invited to attend, but the Pinetrees and others who haven’t yet completed First Class are particularly encouraged!  Stay tuned as we get closer to these dates for more info about times, Zoom links, etc. “

Item #2 – Boater’s safety course“ – The offer to run a boating safety course on a Saturday is for all scouts and their families so we can be sure we get enough folks to make that go.!!

Did you know that to legally operate a motorized watercraft of 15hp or more in Washington state that you need to pass  an approved Boating Safety course?  Well, Deputy Ebel who will present on boater safety for the troop on 5/25 has offered to teach the 6 hour course for our troop on a Saturday if we can get at least 10 people aged 12 and above to attend. This is a great opportunity to get this training from an expert in the field at no cost!  Scouts, parents, siblings, and friends are all welcome if we can get a large enough group. Please email Mr. Davis by 4/6 at greyhaus@gmail.com if you are serious about participating in this training. Include the names of all those from your family who will attend. If we can pull together a large enough group, more details about the time and location of the course will follow. “

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  1. Hi! I know we’ve been out of Scouts for the last year but we’re ready to get after it again. What do we need to do/know to get back into the program? Thanks Matt Taylor, Jamison’s dad.



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