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A little Throwback Thursday.

TROOP! So many of you are using this time to get things done and we are so proud of you!!! We have new Eagle Scouts, several rank advancements in just the last few weeks and merit badges being completed at home! WELL DONE! You wont regret it.

BOARD OF REVIEW – I need two parents to join me in a Board of Review for Ben Kapaun. He is ready to move to STAR! It will be Thursday at 7 PM. Please email me at if you can join me.

We have already had two PineTree meetings working on 2nd Class Requirements. This past Tuesday they worked on two different kinds of knots with Mr Davis. The recording I made didn’t take, BUT, Mr Davis reminded the boys that there are tones on YOUTUBE videos on these knots. Get your parents help finding an appropriate video and practice on your own time!

IMPORTANT!!!!!! Attendance in the Zoom call does not mean they are checked off for that skill. Once your scout feels like they have mastered a skill, you will need to contact Mr. Davis to set up a phone call or Facetime call to demonstrate proficiency. He can check off completion in Scoutbook. His email is

Check the calendar for next weeks’ topics. Please make sure that if they need rope or other equipment that they have it ready for the meeting. Zoom Link for these Classes will be in Scout Calendar on the website.

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