Note about communications

During this time when we are not having in person meetings, a lot of scouts are getting their rank advancement checked off and merit badge completions done via telephone, ZOOM, text, or email. Many parents are having their scouts take the lead in sending emails or text messages to scout leadership to get these things signed off. That is excellent, and we are very glad that they are continuing to stay motivated, and that these boys are taking the initiative for their own scouting experience. However, please note that according to youth protection guidelines your scout leadership is not allowed to communicate either by telephone, text, or email without another adult present for those communications. So if your scout is sending us an email please make sure that they copy you as well. Any telephone calls or zoom conferences that are scheduled for requirement sign off need to have a parent or guardian in the room with the scout when those are taking place.
Thank you for helping us protect all of our youth! If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me at

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