It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

NEW IDEA!!! – After the last parents meeting (huge thanks to all who attended!!) Jim Davis shared an idea with me about how to get our older scouts involved and boost camaraderie and accountability within the troop. What we would like to do is pair up some STAR and LIFE scouts with scouts in lower ranks, kind of like a buddy system. The older scout in the pair will be responsible for checking in with the younger scout, call, text, snapchat, whatever method works for them, asking how their advancement is going, help teach skill, and they can even review a scouts mastery of an item and check things off, just like we did at regular meetings. This will give our older scouts something to do, allows them to develop and demonstrate the leadership that we rely on. We also get the kids building relationship with one another. The younger scout would not have to check in with Mr. Davis for sign off as the older scout will have done it. The older scout sends the checked off items to Mr Davis for entry in scoutbook. This allows Mr Davis, and possibly other adult leaders, to gauge to what extent the STAR or LIFE scout has taken their leadership role. We classify our older scouts as a TROOP GUIDE, and they work on the leadership they need for their advancement. Please check in with me if your scout is interested in participating!!!

MEETINGS  Our last Pinetree meeting for 2020 is this Tuesday, December 15. If you missed any of the Pinetree Meetings from this fall, you can view all the recordings on the Troop 313 YouTube Channel.

Jim Davis also has a YouTube Channel with other videos for Rank Advancement.

IMPORTANT!!!!!! Attendance in the Zoom call does not mean they are checked off for that skill. Once your scout feels like they have mastered a skill, you will need to contact Mr. Davis to set up a phone call or Facetime call to demonstrate proficiency. He can check off completion in Scoutbook. His email is

Check the calendar for next weeks’ topics. PLease make sure that if they need rope or other equipment that they have it ready for the meeting. Zoom Link for these Classes will be in Scout Calendar

ALUMINUM CANS – HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS SAVED CANS THIS FALL!!! It provides a substantial amount of revenue for the troop which helps keep our dues steady. If you have cans that you’ve been collecting, bring them to my house (5226 S. Madelia) and leave them by the front door. I will get them to Bob.

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