In these very unusual times, it has been so good for myself, Mr Mick, Mr Davis, and Ms Walter to see so many of your faces on Zoom, on campout and continuing to dedicate time to your scouting journey. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT! Keep up the good work~ Troop 313 will be back full strength as soon possible!

Many of you are sending me emails and texts, with questions, and rechartering updates and payments. THANK YOU! I apologize if I do not respond right away. I do my best to get back to everyone, but please keep reminding me if I forget something!

RECHARTER – IF YOU HAVE NOT COMMUNICATED WITH ME ABOUT YOUR INTENTIONS FOR THE COMING YEAR, PLEASE DO SO ASAP. I will only renew the membership of scouts at the time if recharteing if I have been explicitly told your scout is continuing. You can rejoin after the new year, but that may require a new membership application. I will be sending out emails to everyone this weekend with your account/rechartering status and dues receipts tomorrow

Dues are $120, and I would appreciate payment by November 25. YOU MUST EMAIL OR NOTIFY ME SOMEHOW OF YOUR SCOUTS’ INTENTION TO REMAIN IN THE TROOP FOR 2021, OR HE WILL NOT BE RECHARTERED. This is because all scouts who recharter have to be paid for from the scout account, and it hurts out troop if we pay for scout who does not pay, or who has no intention of belonging for the coming year.

PLEASE let me know if you want your scout to continue, but need financial assistance. WE WANT EVERY SCOUT TO BE ABLE TO JOIN SCOUTING. It is available on a case by case basis.

Here is how to pay electronically

VENMO – @Christell-Casey

ZELLE – christellcasey@gmail.com

PAYPAL – christellcasey1

MEETINGS – If you missed the Pine tree Meeting, you can view the recording in three parts in the Troop 313 YouTube Channel. NEXT WEEK – the scouts will do campout planning.


Jim Davis also has a YouTube Channel with other videos for Rank Advancement. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDRO9sW_DXRQbzdKBJBYZOg

Once your scout feels like they have mastered a skill, you will need to contact Mr. Davis to demonstrate proficiency. He can check off completion in Scoutbook. His email is greyhaus@gmail.com.

Check the calendar for next weeks’ topics. PLease make sure that if they need rope or other equipment that they have it ready for the meeting. Zoom Link for these Classes will be in Scout Calendar

ALUMINUM CANS – I want to keep this Activity going. It provides a substantial amount of revenue for the troop which helps keep our dues low. I am hoping that a lot of you have been collecting cans since we stop seeing each other in March. If you have cans that you’ve been collecting, bring them to my house (5226 S. Madelia) and leave them by the front door. I will get them to Bob.

CAMPING –We have a boy’s campout scheduled for Nov 13-15.Mr Mick needs to know what boys will be going (not think they will go)! He needs to know if the parents are staying overnight and if they are wanting to eat with the adult group.  Cost for adults will be $45 if they come Friday and $30 if they come Saturday Communicate this information to Bob at  mick6205@gmail.comCut-off date to sign up is Nov 8th There will be absolutely no late sign ups or attendee’s.  Current plan is to go to Riparia Campground on the Snake River.  Drive time to site is approximately 2 hours.  Directions to the campsite will be posted on troop website on Thursday Nov 12th.

CITIZENSHIP IN THE NATION – Next Thursday, I will be having a ZOOM Class for Citizenship in the Nation. 7:30 next week.

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  1. Hi Christell –

    I sent you money for Hayden but didn’t tell you he is continuing. Fingers crossed he will complete his Eagle this year.

    Thanks, Andee



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