Hello everyone! Sorry for the late email!

The first activity of the new fall season will be a Virtual Court of Honor, followed by a Parents Meeting where all the fall activities and programs will be explained. Here is the Zoom LINK:

Join Zoom Meeting ID: 363 384 4575
Passcode: Troop313

Our scouts earned merit badges and rank advancements prior to the suspension of troop meetings in March, and the scouts who went to summer camp made the most of their time and earned so many badges! We want to make sure they all get recognized! Please join us at 6:30 PM on October 6, 2020. Our Senior Patrol Leader will recognize all the scout accomplishments. Then, stay online for the parents meeting, where I will go through the programs and activities for the fall.

MERTI BADGE PICK -UP CANCELLED- I had planned to host a Merit badge and Rank patch pick up on Wednesday, October 7. However, there is potential that I was exposed to COVID, and so we are postponing the pick up. I will let you know when that gets rescheduled.

WEEKLY MEETINGS – In anticipation of weekly meetings (more details will be provided at the parents meeting) , I need the help of parents who have kids in Scout- 1st Class. Please take a few minutes to take a look at your kids’ scout book, and see what requirements they still need. Send me an email and these requirements will be addressed. IF YOU DON’T EMAIL ME, THE REQUIREMENT YOUR SCOUT NEEDS MIGHT NOT GET COVERED.

PERSONAL FITNESS – Those of you whose kids did personal fitness with me over the summer, we have one last check in. Please time your son/daughter running one mile, how many push ups in 1 minute and how and sit ups in one minute. Hold on to those scores and we will have a merit badge meeting to finish this up October 15. This class will only be for those who came regularly over the summer.

ALUMINUM CANS – I want to keep this Activity going. It provides a substantial amount of revenue for the troop which helps keep our dues low. I am hoping that a lot of you have been collecting cans since we stop seeing each other in March. If you have cans that you’ve been collecting, bring them to my house (5226 S. Madelia) and leave them by the front door. I will take them to the recycling center for the time being, but I would love another parent to volunteer for this very important job for coming collections.

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