SCOUTING FAMILIES! We have so much to tell you! As with regular school, things will be different this fall and winter; however, we are going to have regular weekly meetings, on-demand video lessons, merit badge classes, camping, scoutmaster conferences/boards of review and a COURT OF HONOR!!!! Your scout will have ample opportunities to continue to progress through scouts, interact with other kids and the adult leadership, in a variety of mediums, and through updated online apps.

The first activity of the new fall season will be a Virtual Court of Honor, followed by a Parents Meeting where all the fall activities and programs will be explained. ZOOM login will go out in the Thursday email October 1.

Our scouts earned merit badges and rank advancements prior to the suspension of troop meetings in March, and the scouts who went to summer camp made the most of their time and earned so many badges! We want to make sure they all get recognized! Please join us at 6:30 PM on October 6, 2020. Our Senior Patrol Leader will recognize all the scout accomplishments.

Then, stay online for the parents meeting, where I will go through the programs and activities for the fall.

FINALLY – Merit badge and Rank patch pick up will be the next night Wednesday, October 7, at my house (Christell Casey), from 6:30- 7:30 PM. We will do drive up hand out, similar to how graduations were done in June. My address is 5226 S. Madelia. Approach from the south, have, your scout in the passenger seat, and when you drive up you can pick up any awards and get a quick HELLO from us!

Even if you are not getting an award, PLEASE DRIVE BY AND WAVE! We have missed all your faces.

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