NYLT/Personal Fitness

NYLT- Opportunity
The Pacific Harbors Council is having NYLT this year. It is very soon however. Aug 8 thru 13th.  Any scouts that are 1st Class or Star interested in attending NYLT should contact Mr Mick  for more information. Cost is $315 and covered by the troop.
This is a unique opportunity to experience NYLT at another council.
Personal Fitness
We had a good start to the actual physical portion of this merit badge last week, The new versions of this badge requires we do a check in every four weeks  instead of every two. so out next in person meeting  be August 4 at Jefferson’s HArt Field at 7:30.
I will do a Zoom meeting this coming Tuesday, July 21 at 7 PM to catch anyone up who needs to go through the class work, or has elements missing. Log in infot will be posted that day.

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