Summer Camp Update #2

Thursday morning and it’s sunny and comfortable. The scouts are motivated to get as much done as possible today. They all are hoping to depart tomorrow.

Over the past few days we have gone through the typical “Forming, Storming, Norming & Performing” process, with a little emphasis on Storming. As a group our scouts are working very well together. We got a little extra time at the ranges and waterfront to complete badges. The Camp Easton staff is almost as lost in this new process as the troops are. We are feeling a little like an experiment, but know our input will help with the following weeks. As with past Summer Camps, our campsites are looking pretty good just before we leave. That’s good for the next troops.

There should be a good awards program at our next Court of Honor in September!

Three of our scouts slept in a shelter they constructed out of natural materials last night as part of the “Wilderness Survival” merit badge. They were Will Semeler, Colt Anderson and Alex Kim. There were 5 scouts who did the Polar Bear Plunge this morning around 6am. They were: Alex Ellingson (our SPL), Sophie Aldred, Jacob McConnell and Ben Kapaun.

When you come to pick up your scout and your approaching exit #22 go slow and keep a sharp eye on the road construction. One of the visiting families mentioned that exit #22 (coming from the West) was closed, requiring them to continue on to exit #28 which is the 4th Of July exit. Then they crossed over the HWY and headed West to take exit #22 then cross over the HWY to get on hwy 97 toward the camp. Exit 22 coming from the West may or may not be open. Watch for signs!


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