Summer Camp Update #1

Saturday arrival group got a little wet soon after we got to our site, but just before bed time the rain calmed down and temps were a little cool which was excellent for sleeping. However, around 11pm a boater decided we all should hear his CD music which was “Ring of Fire,” but unfortunately not performed by Johnny Cash (which would have been tolerable). Thankful that was just a one song event.

Around 11:30pm someone not too far from the camp decided it was the best time to practice their rifle marksmanship. They obviously brought a lot of ammo for shooting such high caliber firearm. I hope they spent a lot of money.

Then we were given an early 4th fireworks display that lasted about 15 minutes. Otherwise it was a peaceful evening.

Sunday group arrival went well. Had a couple of scouts arrive late but in time to participate is everything that was required.

Monday turned out to be an awesome day (weather wise). Sunny from sunrise to sunset with temps in the 80’s. A large majority of the scouts were chomping at the bit to hit the trading post (in their masks) to replenish their intake of candy, soda and ice cream. I think a couple of scouts fulfilled all their sugar requirements and really got their money’s worth when they saw everything they had consumed a second time over the camp trash can.

Scouts were quite busy most of the day fitting into the new way programs are now being conducted at camp covid (that’s what the staff are calling it). Three scouts completed one merit badge on Monday and all have been actively working on more today (Tuesday). We don’t have to wear our masks in our campsites or on trails until we get to the main camp area for things like the Trading Post. Masks aren’t worn for waterfront activities or shooting.

As for departure times on Friday, scouts are actually approved to depart whenever their ready and on whatever day. I discussed this with the scouts this morning and strongly encouraged them to complete the badges they originally signed up for before thinking about leaving. And possibly two or three more of the easy badges.

If a scout is asking me if they can leave I will evaluate what they have completed at that time. If they have done all that they wanted to do (before coming to camp) I will let them call home to find out if you want them back a little early.

It would be good if all the scouts were picked up around noon on Friday but it’s not required. If a parent cannot come up until Saturday the camp wants us OUT by 10 am. I’m not getting phone coverage at our campsite but there is good coverage by the parade grounds which I visit each day so if you have questions for me please send it in text format.


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