Summer Camp Presentation from Council

The meeting we had Friday night was recorded. It is about 2 hours. Here is the lnk.

Summer Camp

If you have Teams, you can watch it there, otherwise choose the option to “Watch on the web instead”

One thought on “Summer Camp Presentation from Council

  1. Hi Christell, I’m Matt Taylor, Jamison Taylors dad. We weren’t on the email list for the first months of C19 troop activity and we’re trying to get caught up. I’ve been reading the last few months posts and have a couple questions. Can we still register for camp in mid June at Camp Easton and Camp Cusick? Have the other new scouts gotten the Scout rank? Just wondering how far behind we are. Also you mentioned you’d be able to schedule a quick meeting to get JJ caught up on the PF class, I think we missed the first day? Anytime you have is very appreciated! Thanks, Matt



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