DUE TO PROGRAM CHANGES, YOU NEED TO GO BACK IN AND RE-REGISTER YOUR SCOUT FOR CLASSES ASAP. PLEASE DO THIS BEFORE FRIDAY JUNE 6. They will only be able to sign up for five classes. Pay no attention to the period labels (eg Period 1, Period 2) and sign up for whatever five classes they want. SOME WATER CLASSES AND SPECIALTIES, LIKE ATV ARE NO LONGER BEING OFFERED.

Please contact me if you do not have your login information anymore.

IF YOU DID PART C OF THE PHYSICAL FORM AFTER FEBRUARY 2019, IT IS STILL GOOD FOR THIS YEAR.  We do not have copies of your forms from last year, but if you do, or your doctor has kept copies, send PART C to me. HOWEVER, you need to to fill out new Parts A and B within two weeks of the start of camp, so they need to be dated after June 7, 2020.  I also need the front and back of the insurance card. Providence Urgent Care will do these physicals if you need them, and appointments can be made online.



If your scout has special dietary concerns. I need to know immediately

MANDATORY PARENTS MEETING JUNE 7, 3 PM –  We will be meeting at 3 PM at Jen Walter’s home. 3007 E Angela Ct. She has a backyard large enough to accomodate us. ONE PARENT PER FAMILY, and no kids, please. Bring your own chair, mask, and something to write on.

Much more  detailed information will be provided at this time.



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