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Hello everyone… I sincerely hope you and your families are all well! I know Mr. Mick , Mr. Davis and I miss you all very much, and can’t wait to get back to our activities! There will be so much to catch up on.

In the meantime, there are somethings to keep in mind:

  1. EAGLE RANK – Please review the following news item. The council is allowing video scoutmaster conferences and electronic signature, among other accommodations. Advancement Accommodations
  2. THINGS to do –  Don’t let this time got to waste! Use it to complete merit badges you have started and begin new ones!   Here is an article for 58 badges that can be completed on social distancing principles! Merit Badges to do!

Here is the link to all the badge booklets again  – Pamphlets

And the link to the worksheets for them! – Worksheets

Get the work done and we’ll match you with counselors!

For you younger scouts, read your Scout Book.. learn things! Practice your knot tying, memorize the first aid, etc. If you do that we can get SO MUCH signed off for you when we get back.

3. Camp Cards –  Ms Perry wants to remind you that scouts are not allowed to sell these in person at this time. Please contact her if you need information about selling online. ileiajacobson@gmail.com

4. SUMMER CAMP –  Summer Camp has not been cancelled, YET. I will keep you updated.

I think everyone that has paid in full has been able to register for classes. Let me know if you had any issues. For other boys seeking to pay in full shortly, or to make the second deposit, you can continue to do so by mail to my office address: 505 W Riverside, Suite 201, Spokane WA. I am not working there, but we do check the mail about every other day. You can also VENMO me. However, with the scout office closed we may or may not be able to make additional payments to them, that opens up the registration for your son.  ARGH! I have emails on to them to see what can be done, and I will keep you updated. Thank you for your patience….

5. GIRLS –  Since the scout office closed, I have been unable to finalize the application of this troop. No bank account has been set up and so no checks have been deposited. I am in contact with the representatives at the church and trying to find a away to get the complete applications to the scout office to get that open. IN THE MEANTIME… you can do the same things recommended above! READ YOUR BOOK… memorize things, Use YouTube to learn the basic knots and their uses so we can get things signed off  ASAP. I am sorry that events conspired to cause delay!

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