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As you know already, we have had to cancel all meetings and events  through the end of April. Since the kids are out of school, this is an excellent time for them to work on any learning things for tank advancement, finish incomplete merit badges, or begin new ones! If you log in to Scoutbook, Felicia Boyle has updated all the partial merit badges your kids have. You can also see what eagle required merit badges they have left to do, and get started. Here is a link to all the pamphlets for the merit badges:   Pamphlets

Those pamphlets have the requirements inside, and you and your kiddo can work through what they have left to complete. You can also print out the worksheets here  Worksheets

Once we all get back together, I can match your kiddo with a counsel who who can sign off. I am also thinking about some alternative communications, so  STAY TUNED!

SUMMER CAMP– Many of you have been having questions about Summer Camp. Here is the tex to an email we received this morning from the Council:

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has raised concerns about summer camp attendance, payments, health and safety.  The Inland Northwest Council (INWC) Risk Management Team and Camping Committee are proactively monitoring the outbreak and following all local and state requirements closely; taking measures as required.  The safety of youth and volunteers will always be the ultimate concern and decisions will be based on official and factual information, not speculation or rumors. 

Currently all summer camp dates are well outside the dates of any official government directed actions.  The INWC will continue planning for all summer camp sessions as normal.  In the event there are officially released directions from local or state officials requiring postponement or cancellation of summer camp sessions, appropriate actions will be taken and registrants will be notified. 

Units and registrants should still make any required payments to maintain their camp registrations.  Any unit wanting to shift their week to a later session should contact me directly.  As with all council and district events, any cancellations not initiated by the registrant will be fully reimbursed. 

Please know that the INWC puts the health and safety of our members, volunteers, and employees first, and all organizational decisions concerning COVID-19 will continue to be made with that commitment top of mind. These are trying times for the Inland Northwest Council, our Scouting families and our communities.  We truly appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we move forward.   

Andrew Bell
INWC Program Director—–

At this time, we have no plans to shift our week, but we will keep you updated. I can continue to collect payments. You can send any payments to my office: 505 W Riverside, Suite 210, Spokane WA 99201. I am there every day.

If you are comfortable, you can also send me money via VENMO. If you are going to do so, please add $2.00 for the service fee I will incur.  As soon as your CHILD is paid in full, I will send you an email so they can register for classes.

(Three were several new scouts who paid on the 10th, but their email was on on the application for. If you have paid in full and not received your email, contact me at and I’ll get you set up.)

GIRLS –  My understanding is that you CAN go to camp the same week as they boys troop is going. We already have one registered and the Scoutmaster Jen Walter is scheduled to go. We have had some hiccups getting this troop up and running, but we should official before the end of the month.

Also, here is the 2020 medical form for camp. You can also use the link below.If you can get in to see your physician, I can take these at any time, and they can also be mailed to my office. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO  FILL OUT AND SUBMIT ALL THREE PARTS, A-C.

Since we are going to camp so early this year, if you got your physical last year in July, it may still be good for this year!

Medical Form

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