Important Message from Bob Mick


3 March 2020

I’m in my 13th year as Scoutmaster for Troop 313.  During all of that time, I have never felt compelled to prepare an announcement such as this.

None of us has experienced conditions such as we are currently faced with.  No one has the answers at this time.  Following are my recommendations to our Troop members:

1)      View your time at home as an opportunity to be with your family.  Make an extra effort to connect with friends and family that are at a distance.

2)      Take an assessment of your household’s inventory.  Some products are becoming difficult to obtain.  Discuss with your family reducing use of what you have.

Our Scout Troop is much like a very close group of friends.  Over the past 4 years I have gone through some difficult times during which many adults, in the Troop, have offered help, assistance, support and continue to do so.  Many Troop family members have lived through heartbreaking challenges but find comfort from other Troop members.

As a Scoutmaster, the safety of Troop Scouts and family members is my #1 priority. So, I feel compelled at this time, based on the recommendations and directives that we are receiving from the Governor’s office and other health officials, to cancel the campout to Riparia scheduled for the weekend of the 20th.

We do not have a meeting on the 17th. We do have a meeting scheduled for the 24th that we have not yet cancelled, but we will keep you updated as we get more information.

Let’s all support our family and Troop members.  Reach out if you are in need.


Bob Mick

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