Attendance Expectations

ATTENDANCE –  Parents! For many months now there has been a concerning trend of boys showing up for opening flags and announcements, and then either wandering around the church, the parking, or just leaving. This has an impact on the meetings in several ways:

  1. It is ALWAYS our older scouts who are leaving and that is not a good example to the younger scouts… many are patrol leaders!
  2. When activities or games are planned, we have only 5-8 boys who are there to participate and that IS NOT FUN for those who are left behind.
  3. We end up having no older scouts available to help younger scouts who need things signed off.
  4. We are allowed to use the Fellowship hall and side rooms –  not to have the run of the Church at large. Boys need to stay in the areas we have permission to use… no wandering the halls any more!
  5. There have been some parent complaints abut inappropriate conversations in the parking lot where there is NO ADULT SUPERVISION. While your son is at the meeting location, we are responsible for him, and he needs to stay at the meeting.

That being said, we are working to have more planned activities during the meetings, and would like your encouragement to keep the boys at meetings. Mr Mick has stressed that attendance AND PARTICIPATION in  scout activities and meetings is a part of rank advancement. Sports and other  commitments aside, if they are a scout in the troop, there is an expectation they will be at meetings regularly and stay. Their attendance will be reviewed at their next Board of Review or Scoutmaster conference.

GIRLS TROOP – We had an very good informational meeting about a Scouts BSA Girls Troop here. We have a Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster, Committee Members and a few girls who are ready to begin! WE WOULD LOVE MORE! We are going to be the only girls troop on the south hill and would love to have more participation! Get the word out!

Ryan Casey Eagle Scout Project – Ryan is collecting used sports equipment, girls and boys, any age group. These will be delivered to kids in need through the schools for next years’ sports. You can bring anything you want to donate to meetings the through February.  There is a bin in the hallway by the kitchen. If you want things picked up, just send me an email. .     Thanks!

Calendars –  We still have a few calendars left. They are $20 and can be purchased at the kitchen window.

Summer Camp  –  This year we are “in council” at Camp at Easton for the 100th Anniversary! It is expected to be a great deal of fun! Dates are June 21-27. Due to many factors,  not the least of which is the departure of the LDS troops, the cost of camp has increased to $380 this year. If you would like your son to go to camp, please let me know. I can collect full payment at any time, but at the very least, please plan to pay the first deposit  March 1, of $100.

Also, here is the 2020 medical form for camp. I can take these at any time. Since we are going to Camp so early this year, if you got your physical last year in July, it may still be good for this year!

Medical Form

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