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Photos – I’d love to add your scouting photos to the end of the year slideshow at the June Court of Honor. If you take pictures at a scouting event. send them to me at  I’d love some from the community service our guys are doing for their Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge!

Girls Troop –   There is an informational meeting Feb 11, 6 PM,  in Room 4 in the south hallway. If you know someone who might be interested, please pass along the word!

Ryan Casey Eagle Scout Project – Ryan is collecting used sports equipment, girls and boys, any age group.  These will be delivered to kids in need through the schools for next years’ sports. You can bring anything you want to donate to meetings through February.  Thanks!

Calendars –  As many of you know, we have put together a 2020 calendar that has lots of pictures of the boys’ activities over the last year, and contains the dates for the activities and meetings  in 2020. They are $20 and can be purchased at the kitchen window.

Summer Camp  –  This year we are “in council” at Camp at Easton for the 100th Anniversary! It is expected to be a great fun! Dates are June 21-27. Due to many factors,  not the least of which is the departure of the LDS troops, the cost of camp has increased to $380 this year. If you would like your son to go to camp, please let me know. I can collect full payment at any time, but at the very least, please plan to pay the first deposit  March 1, of $100.


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  1. Hello,

    I wanted to be sure that Ben Kapaun is signed up for summer camp. He sold a lot of popcorn, so I think his camp dues will be covered.

    Thank you! Megan Kapaun

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