Court of Honor –  January Court of Honor will be on the 28th beginning at 6:30. Eagles will do the set up at 6 PM. Panda’s are on clean up crew. Panda’s – Please plan to stay after to clean the Church

Ryan Casey Eagle Scout Project – Ryan is collecting used sports equipment, girls and boys, any age group. These will be delivered to kids in need through the schools for next years’ sports. You can bring anything you want to donate to meetings the through February. There will also be a bin at the Court of Honor. Thanks!

Three Rivers Merit Badge College – THIS WEEKEND!!!! Registration is STILL open for this on the local council website. It will take place at Whitworth.  Here is the link to register.

They are focusing on Eagle required badges, so this is a good chance to get some of the more dreaded ones done : Communications, Citizenships, etc.

Chewelah Peak – Sign up sheet will be in the kitchen. Date is Saturday February 1-2. Cost per person this year is $42. PLEASE PAY MR  MICK ASAP. I have already matched several  “RIDE-NEEDERS” with seats. Let me know if your son is still in need of a ride!

Calendars –  As many of you know, we have put together a 2020 calendar that has lots of pictures of the boys’ activities over the last year, and contains the dates for the activities and meetings  in 2020. They are $20 and can be purchased at the kitchen window.

Reminder about Scout Activities –   Mr Mick is going to be stressing to the boys that regular attendance at meetings is a required part of the Troop bylaws AND, important for rank advancement. We will be checking your son’s attendance records when they request a Board of Review from now on. In addition, it is critical that the boys attend most troop activities: This includes camp outs, and the mandatory events like Scouting for Food and Webelos Skills Day. We have much lower than normal participation in  scheduled campouts last fall, and EXTREMELY LOW attendance for the Scouting for Food. Please encourage your boys to participate in as many events as they can, even in less than ideal weather! Learning to be in the outdoors is not just about blue skies.

Camping when conditions are challenging builds character, grows friendships, creates memories, and teaches the boys how to BE PREPARED!!! for  all eventualities and conditions.

Summer Camp  –  This year we are “in council” at Camp at Easton for the 100th Anniversary! It is expected to be a great deal of fun! Dates are June 21-27. Due to many factors,  not the least of which is the departure of the LDS troops, the cost of camp has increased to $380 this year. If you would like your son to go to camp, please let me know. I can collect full payment at any time, but at the very least, please plan to pay the first deposit  March 1, of $100.

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