FUN NIGHT –  December 17 –  The boys had initially chosen ice skating at EWU, however, the rink is booked full. So, in the alternative, they picked roller skating at Roller Valley. Lucky for us it looks like Tuesday’s are $2 discount night! (plus skate rental)

Fun night will be from 6-8

NEW SCOUT LEADERSHIP – Congratulations to RYAN EHRING who was elected as our new Senior Patrol Leader. He will serve until June 2020, when we will elect new leadership just before the summer

MEETINGS –  No more meetings until January 7! On January 7, Mr Franklin, who is a registered and licensed drone operator will be presenting on new laws and things to know about operating drones. Please plan to stick around! We might also get into the paracord activity, so please make sure to have your son bring about 100 ft of paracord. This activity might span a few meetings to fully complete any project your son undertakes.

TROOP CALENDARS –  A few years ago we put together a calendar with photos of the boys and important dates for the upcoming year. These were really popular and are helpful for the boys in leadership to have and bring to Patrol Leader Council meetings to for planning and dates. They will be filled with photos of many of the boys and the campouts and activities we went tho this past year. These will be available to purchase in January.

TROOP DUES ­ – Thank you to those who have already paid!  You should have received an email from me with the balance for your son(s).If you have not paid yet, and are not sure of the amount, email me


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