Upcoming Events

Patrol Leader Council –  This coming Tuesday there is a Patrol Leader Counsel meeting. If your some is senior leadership or the leader of a patrol, please make sure he attends.  6 PM at the church.

Advancement Night –  This coming Tuesday is advancement night. There is no regular meeting, but all scouts in Mr Davis’s class will have a regular meeting to continue work on rank advancement. If your son needs scoutmaster conferences, a board of review, or time with an older scout to get things signed off, or merit badges completed, this is the night to do it. All troop guides should plan to stop by and see if there are younger scouts that need things signed off. Attendance by any scout who is Star and above would be appreciated.

TROOP DUES – Our Charter and all Troop Dues for the year 2020 are due in December.  Troop 313 dues will be $120 for active scouts. It will be a bit more if you want Boy’s Life.  Eagle Scouts wishing to continue to participate (under 18) and registered adults will be $40.  I will be applying any popcorn sales and JBF funds earned as soon as I know those amounts, and then send an email to each family with the balance for your son(s).

1st Class ORIENTEERING COURSE – The boys working on this first-class requirement did not get to finish a few weeks ago. Mr. Davis is going to finish off this requirement with the boys THIS WEEKEND on October 27, from 1-3 PM. Please be at the picnic tables at the northwest corner of the Park promptly at 1 PM. Have the boys bring a compass, and a phone/item that has a phone with GPS capability if possible. THEY NEED AN ACTUAL COMPASS. Not just a phone compass.  Boys can share, if needed.

SCOUTING FOR FOOD – Saturday November 2 is the “bag handout” This usually goes pretty quickly. Plan to meet at the church parking lot a 9 am.

COOKING MERIT BADGE –  Message from Maija Brown

Dear Troop 313 Families,

We will offer a hike to finish up the Cooking merit badge requirement 6 regarding trail and hiking meals.  This will be useful for those scouts who did the class in the spring OR in previous years.  I would also invite any scouts who still need to complete any of the Cooking merit badge.

Here is what to do:

  1. Plan and write out menus for trail hiking that includes one breakfast, one lunch, one dinner, and one snack (bring your menus to show me)
  2. Create a shopping list and estimate cost of the planned menus.  (bring your shopping list to show me)
  3. For the hike, be ready to prepare two of the meals planned in #1.  This could easily include a “mountain house” meal.  Mr. Mick will have hot water available.
  4. Prepare ahead of time a snack to eat while on the hike.

Date:  Sunday, November 3 .    Time: 1-3 pm .         Location:  Nine Mile Falls Dam (Riverside State Park Ranger Station)

GIRLS TROOP – There has been some interest in starting a girl’s troop here at 313. Some adults here have been working behind the scenes to find out what needs to be done to get one up and running. Right now, we are trying to assess the interest, and find out if we have enough girls to feasibly get things going. Message me or come talk to me at a meeting if you have a daughter who might be interested, or if you know of a friend or family member who might be. An informational meeting is being planned and we want to get the word out.

It also goes without saying that this endeavor will also need some additional adult volunteers.

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