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TROOP DUES – Our Charter and all Troop Dues for the year 2020 are due in December.  Troop 313 dues will be $120 for active scouts. It will be a bit more if you want Boy’s Life.  Eagle Scouts wishing to continue to participate (under 18) and registered adults will be $40.  I will be applying any popcorn sales and JBF funds earned as soon as I know those amounts, and then send an email to each family with the balance for your son(s).

YOUTH PROTECTION TRAINING – I had intended to offer a group Youth Protection Training at the end of this month. However, after attending the new BIGFOOT council roundtable last night, (that’s right, we are Bigfoot council now, not Chinook) it was determined that those are no longer allowed, for reason I will not bore you with. SO, that plan is off the table. ANYWAY, the local council requires all registered adults to redo their Youth Protection Training every year. If you are a registered adult, and have not renewed your certificate, please do so as soon as possible, as I need it done before we re-charter. Sorry for the inconvenience. Let me know if you have any questions or difficulties.

1st Class ORIENTEERING COURSE – The boys working on this first-class requirement did not get to finish a few weeks ago. Mr. Davis is going to finish off this requirement with the boys on October 27, from 1-3 PM.  Please be at the picnic tables at the northwest corner of the Park promptly at 1 PM. Have the boys bring a compass, and a phone/item that has a phone with GPS capability if possible. (phones often have both) Boys can share, if needed.

Merit Badge Help – The troop likes to have at least one parent that can serve as a counselor for all the Eagle required badges. Right now we are in particular need of a parent who can sign up to be an Environmental Science counselor. We have not had one in a few years and have several boys who need to finish some last requirements left over from summer camp. Please let me know if you can do this. You DO NOT need to have a background in E-Science, just a willingness to review the worksheet with the boys and make sure they are well done and complete answers. If you can please let me know! Thanks!

We also don’t have a merit badge class scheduled for November. Can you teach something required for Eagle? Communications? A Citizenship? Have a hobby that has a merit badge attached you’d like to share with the boys? Let me know. Here is the list of badges they can earn. Please think about sharing something you love with the kids!   http://www.meritbadge.org/wiki/index.php/Merit_Badges

Monthly Programs – One of the most common suggestions we get from the boys in our Boards of Review is that the meetings can get a little boring once they move out of Mr. Davis’ class. In addition, one of the things I hear from boys AND parents, is that once they get past 1st class, the skills they earn can sometimes get rusty. So, Craig and Bob started a year or so ago trying to have refresher courses at each meeting when there wasn’t something else going on, like a campout planning.  If you are good at first aid, knot tying, practical tips for camping and hiking, have great ideas for camp meals, etc and would be willing to talk to the boys for 10-15 minutes during a meeting, or facilitate an activity, let me know. Feel free to get creative! The kids enjoy having these things presented in new ways and through competitions or activities.

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